18 February 2009

The Power of Pictures

This special event for adults is a wonderful opportunity for parents, carers, teachers, speech pathologists, and anyone who works with children.

Join multi-talented children's author and illustrator Jeannette Rowe in an interactive session to discover the power of pictures. Jeannette is happy to autograph her books, which will be available for sale on the evening.

Belconnen Library
Tuesday 17 March
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Children learn through all their senses. A picture book inspires a whole new series of conversations, information sharing, and learning. In our increasingly visually driven society, the ability to create and interpret imagery is as imperative as the abilities to read and write, and to listen and speak. Most importantly it's fun - sharing a picture book with a young child brings joy to both the child and adult.

Jeannette Rowe is the creator of many books including the popular Whose? series, the Smarty Cat series, and her latest book Baby Boo. She is ABC Books bestselling author. Jeannette's visit to Canberra is courtesy of The Little Big Book Club.