23 July 2009

Twitter Tales

A Canberra writer is embarking on a project to write a story using Twitter. Each tweet will be part of the story.

The “novel” will be told in real time – so if the characters are eating lunch, I’ll post that tweet at lunch time.

There will even be a special "launch" of sorts:
To help “launch” the twitter novel on Saturday 1 August, dress in your most piratical gear and relax calmly in/around Tilleys Devine Cafe (Lyneham shops, Canberra, Australia) or browse in/near the excellent secondhand bookshop next door.

Arrive/don pirate gear at 2pm (park at the nearby schools if necessary), and vanish or change into an ordinary citizen at 2:30pm.

Bonus points for speaking as a pirate.

Yes, there will be candy and free flash (under 1000 words) stories. I and my minions will be randomly handing them out to any pirates we see/hear.

Click here to read more about Twitter Tales and find out how to follow along.