06 October 2009

Speech Pathology Book of the Year Awards

Speech Pathology Australia is proud to be holding their Book of the Year Awards Ceremony for 2009 at Civic Library on Tuesday 20 October.

The awards celebrate Australian children’s books that encourage the development of oral language skills and promote speech and/or sound awareness. The books are selected by a panel of judges comprising of Speech Pathologists with specialised skills in children’s literacy development. Speech pathologists are the professionals who assess, diagnose and treat oral language deficits, and therefore work to facilitate a healthy transition to literacy.

Learning to read is the foundation for future educational success – evidence shows that academic success, including literacy, is a protective factor against truancy, poor school retention rates, substance abuse and juvenile offending. As well, the long-term effects for those people with speech and language difficulties may include emotional and relationship impacts, decreased employment opportunities and mental health issues.

We are looking forward to the upcoming ceremony and are thrilled to be bringing this national initiative to Canberra and to the Civic Library. Keep your eyes out for the poster announcing the winners – wonderful books for children to read and share!

You can read more about Speech Pathology Australia and the Book of the Year Awards at: www.speechpathologyaustralia.org.au