06 October 2009

We are excited to include a generous donation in the ACT Heritage Library’s collections. This morning a former National Capital Development Commission (NCDC) staff member donated a bound set of NCDC Annual Reports to 1984, including a rare first Annual Report for 1958.

From 1958 to 1989, the National Capital Development Commission (NCDC) undertook to carry out the planning, development and construction of the city of Canberra as the National Capital of the Commonwealth of Australia.

As the ACT’s planning authority, it was responsible for our physical city – how it was built, what it looked like and, to an extent, how we lived and continue to live in it.

These reports provide an annual ready-reckoner of growth in the city during one of the most intense phases of Canberra’s development.

We are very grateful to Mr. Pain for his generous donation. If you have material that documents the history and development of the ACT and its communities that we can add to our collections, we’d love to hear from you.