17 November 2009

The Inconvenient Child: Meet the author

Bring your lunch along to the library and hear Sharyn Killens and Lindsay Lewis share the extraordinary true story of The Inconvenient Child.

Monday 23 November 2009
12.30pm- 1.30pm
Dickson Library

The Inconvenient Child, a compelling new book, reveals the shocking true story of a secret Australian child's struggle to survive childhood and find her African American family, after a search spanning two continents and 48 years. Sharyn Killens is better known as Sharyn Crystal, a successful Australian singer and entertainer. But her life wasn't always glamorous and her childhood was at times, a living hell.

As a troubled runaway teenager, she was arrested in Kings Cross. Sharyn had committed no crime but the Courts deemed her uncontrollable and in 1964, she was sentenced to notorious juvenile detention centres of Parramatta Girls Home then Hay Girls Institution.

The Inconvenient Child is the true account of her extraordinary journey to success, the search for her roots and her quest to discover her identity. Sharyn's story is not all heartbreak and misery. It's also a story of triumph, faith, success and joy.

Join Sharyn on Monday for a fascinating insight. Books will be available for sale on the day, and Sharyn would be delighted to autograph them for you.

Visit the book's official web site to discover more.