02 November 2009

Life Boat

Have you visited Civic Library recently and seen the boat suspended dramatically from the ceiling?

This sculpture, Life Boat, by Australian artist Nerine Martini, was installed in the Library in September, and uses the internal frame of a Vietnamese fishing boat complete with oars. It can be viewed from the foyer of the Canberra Theatre Centre, the mezzanine level of the Library and from the Library foyer below.

The work was created by Martini as the result of an artist residency in Vietnam in 2006. The idea for Life Boat was developed from a traditional Vietnamese vessel called a ‘ghe bau' or pregnant boat.

Life Boat is built from a stripped down boat which came from Hoi An, on the central coast of Vietnam. Eyes have been painted on the prow and the oars have become arms carved from recycled timber and coated with lacquer using traditional Vietnamese techniques.