16 February 2010

Dance, dancing, and dancing masters

Explore the rich history of western European dance from the 16th century to the 19th century. Enjoy learning how the institution of the ball, ballroom etiquette, dances, dance music, dancing technique and the role of the dancing master evolved over this 400 year period.

Period illustrations, literature and instruction manuals (including rare antique originals that will be on display) will make the story come alive.

Sessions and topics covered will be:
  • Friday 12 March - In Shakespeare's Day
  • Friday 9 April - In the Baroque Era
  • Friday 7 May - In Jane Austen's Day
  • Friday 11 June - In Charles Dickens' Day

Bookings online or by phone on 6205 9000. 
About the presenter:

Dr John Gardiner-Garden is a dance historian, researcher and book collector, who is also a dancer, choreographer, musician and composer. He has written several books and has several more on the way. John is the director of the Earthly Delights Historic Dance Academy, the only academy in Australia where pariticpants can learn about and revel in the music, dance and costumes from the Renaissance to Victoria eras, through weekly classes and monthly balls. He can also be caught around the country displaying anything from a galliard to a galop, a minuet to a mazurka, or with his band Earhtly Delights playing anything from pavans to tangos at anything from garden weddings to grand concerts.

Visit the Earthly Delights website at http://www.earthlydelights.com.au/.