13 August 2010

Gillian Polack Nominated for Ditmar Award

Congratulations to Gillian Polack on her nomination for a Ditmar award for her novel Life Through Cellophane.

"Liz Smith thinks she is boring. She knows her life is deadly dull. She is middle-aged. She is a spinster. She has just been sacked. What else is left but being boring and leading a dull life?

Her life is about to become very, very different. Deadly, perhaps. Dull, never. Boring? She could only wish.

It starts with a simple redecoration job. A mirror. It starts with friends. It continues with ants and notes and far too many problems. If Liz isn’t careful, it may end with the boss who sacked her, haunting her from a very particular hell.”

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The Ditmars (AKA Australian SF ("Ditmar") Award, and "Australian Science Fiction Achievement Award") are the Australian version of the Hugo awards. They are a popular award, nominated by the SF community at large and voted on by the memberships of the current and previous Australian National Conventions. They are named after Martin James Ditmar (Dick) Jenssen, who came up with the idea and supported them financially for many years. 

For more information about the Ditmar Awards, click here.