16 August 2010

National Science Week 2010: Science Fiction and Society

Science Fiction can give the reader a glimpse into the fears and hopes of the society the author was living in. For instance, 1950s science fiction dealt with large scale disasters and the threat of invasion; 1960s science fiction increasingly explored themes of outer space; and in the 1990s and 2000s science fiction has explored our increasing reliance on technology, our advances in genetics and our impact on the environment. However far in time and space it may vary, Sci Fi provides us with a study of humanity.

If you'd like to explore society through science fiction, why not borrow these titles:

The philosopher at the end of the universe by  Mark Rowlands

Different engines : how science drives fiction and fiction drives science by Mark L. Brake and Neil Hook.
Archaeologies of the future : the desire called Utopia and other science fictions by Fredric Jameson.
Understanding contemporary American science fiction : the age of maturity, 1970-2000 by Darren Harris-Fain.