20 August 2010

National Science Week 2010: The Story of Science

Find out how science has shaped and changed history by borrowing any of these titles:

The story of science : power, proof and passion by Michael Mosley and John Lynch

Accompanying a landmark BBC television series, Science Story traces the breakthroughs in every area of science from classical times to today.Throughout, the award-winning authors show us the big historical picture too. Great science happens when brilliant minds collide with new discoveries and tools at specific points in time.

Breakthrough! : how the 10 greatest discoveries in medicine saved millions and changed our view of the world by Jon Queijo

The world's first physician : Hippocrates and the discovery of medicine -- How cholera saved civilization : the discovery of sanitation -- Invisible invaders : the discovery of germs and how they cause disease -- For the relief of unbearable pain : the discovery of anesthesia -- I'm looking through you : the discovery of X-rays -- The scratch that saved a million lives : the discovery of vaccines -- From ancient molds to modern miracles : the discovery of antibiotics -- Breaking God's code : the discovery of heredity, genetics, and DNA -- Medicines for the mind : the discovery of drugs for madness, sadness, and fear -- A return to tradition : the rediscovery of alternative medicine -- Epilogue.

The age of wonder : how the romantic generation discovered the beauty and terror of science by Richard Holmes

Explores the scientific ferment that swept across Britain at the end of the 18th century in this ground-breaking new biography The Age of Wonder
Science : a four thousand year history by Patricia Fara

Science: A Four Thousand Year History rewrites science's past. Instead of focussing on difficult experiments and abstract theories, Patricia Fara shows how science has always belonged to the practical world of war, politics, and business. Rather than glorifying scientists as idealized heroes, she tells true stories about real people - men (and some women) who needed to earn their living, who made mistakes, and who trampled down their rivals in their quest for success.

A big, bold, simple concept : a history of the Australian Academy of Science dome by Alan Roberts

Find out about this Canberran landmark - from the foundation of the Academy to design and planning of the building to the 1998-2001 major refurbishment.