22 September 2010

Focus on Sustainability: Young People Ambassadors' Blog Launch @ Civic Library

Today the Young People Ambassadors' Blog was officially launched at Civic Library.

You can visit the blog at http://www.youngambassadors.org.au/ . There you will find out more about the Office of the Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment and read biographies for the current Young People Ambassadors.

The Ambassadors hope to be able to use the blog to communicate with the youth of Canberra to allow them to voice their own opinions on how the ACT should plan to become a sustainable city and what needs to be done to ensure we preserve our natural environment.

Young People Ambassadors assist the ACT Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment and staff on advocacy and awareness of sustainability and environmental issues, particularly in the youth sector (12-25 years).

The ambassadors in partnership with the Commissioner:

identify opportunities for engagement with young people

conduct forum and other activities with young people

provide advice on the update of the website and electronic communication

provide linkages with the Children & Young People Commissioner by partnering with this Commissioner to work with young people

provide linkages with key sustainability and environmental youth groups such as Powershift, the Youth Climate Coalition and ACT Otherwise.