15 September 2010

Get Reading: Campaign Ruby

Campaign Ruby by Jessica Rudd

Retrenched London investment banker Ruby Stanhope returns to Australia to an unexpected job offer: financial policy adviser to the federal leader of the Opposition. When an early election is announced, rookie Ruby is thrown into the campaign. Through trial and plenty of error (including wardrobe malfunctions, media mishaps and a palate for unsavoury men) she finds passion − not just a flair − for her new career. Wonderfully fresh, Campaign Ruby is written with a light touch and deft comic instincts.

About the author

Jessica Rudd, 26, is a Canberra-born, Brisbane-raised ex-lawyer, ex-campaign worker and ex-PR consultant who lives with her husband in Beijing. She has written the occasional column, a host of legal letters, countless press releases and one novel. She hopes this one won't be her last.

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