15 October 2010

Forestry for the Trees

Forestry is one of the defining factors in the history of the ACT, not only in terms of its landscape, but also in our community and recreational life.

The ACT Heritage Library recently received a rare and complete set of the Australian Forestry Journal as a donation from the Royal Geographical Society of South Australia.

Published between 1918-1931 by the NSW Forestry Commission, the Journal documents the development of forestry as a profession in Australia and, most particularly, the development of the Australian Forestry School which opened in Canberra in 1927.

An interesting observation from browsing the Journal is that as far back as 1929 the Pinus radiata plantations on Mount Stromlo were used to study the effect of solar radiation intensity on tree growth.

More information about the Australian Forestry School compiled by the ACT Heritage Libray is here, or search the catalogue for information on forestry, or arboreta in the ACT.