05 October 2010

Shortlists announced for ACT Book of the Year and the Judith Wright Prize

The shortlists for the ACT Book of the Year Award and the Judith Wright Prize for excellence in poetry have been announced. The winners will be announced in November 2010.


The Book of the Year Award nominees are:
  • Bills of Rights in Australia: history, politics and law by Andrew Byrnes, Hilary Charlesworth, and Gabrielle McKinnon
  • The Lake Woman by Alan Gould
  • Valley of Grace by Marion Halligan
  • Rugged Beyond Imagination by Matthew Higgins
  • The Blue Plateau: A Landscape Memoir by Mark Tredinnick

The Judith Wright Prize nominees are:
  • The sonnet according to 'm' by Jordie Albiston
  • Apocrypha by Peter Boyle
  • Skin Theory by Philip Hammial
  • Earth's Breath by Susan Hawthorne
  • The Striped World by Emma Jones
  • Vanishing Point by Felicity Plunkett