08 October 2010

Writing the first draft of your script: Finding the right idea and overcoming writer’s block with Lucy Baker

The ACT Writers Centre presents a script writing workshop covering: 
  • Finding the right idea
  • Knowing your market
  • Overcoming writer's block
  • Essential market research
  • Planning your strategy
  • First draft in 30 days?
  • How to get published: the options
  • Preparing for the rewrite.  
When: 10am-4pm on Saturday 23 October
Bring:  your notes or manuscript with you, regardless of what stage it may be in.
About the facilitator

Lucy Baker has worked as a tutor with the ACT Writers Centre for a number of years and has been well received by participants. She is an AWGIE-nominee (The Monte Miller Award for Best Unproduced Screenplay), a winner of TV pilot competitions in the USA and RSA, an author of several self-help books and a writer of chicklit (before it became fashionable).

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