25 November 2010

Food for Fines

Do you have fines for overdue library items? Do you have an overdue library item that needs returning?

From 1 - 24 December 2010, ACT Public Library members are encouraged to donate tins or packets of non-perishable food in exchange for fines being removed from their membership record.

All food will be donated to OzHarvest Canberra who provide food to 55 charities in Canberra and Queanbeyan, supporting many individuals in the community who are in need. Food for Fines is an opportunity to support people who are in need during the holiday period.

Guidelines for participating in Food for Fines:
• Food for Fines is only applicable during the stated period of time which is 1 – 24 December 2010. All libraries will close at 1.00 pm on Friday 24 December at which time Food for Fines will finish. Food for Fines will not be accepted after this time.

• Food for Fines must be donated in person during library opening hours to enable removal of fines. Food donated through library returns chutes will not be accepted.

• One tin or packet of non-perishable food = $2 or less of fines. It is the number of tins/packets that equates to the value of the fines removed, not the cost of the tin/packet itself. Credit cannot be added to a member’s record. For example, a borrower with $3.60 of fines will donate 2 tins or packets of food.

• Only non-perishable, sealed food items will be accepted. To assist OzHarvest in moving the food, please consider providing boxes or reusable shopping bags if donating multiple items.

• Items which will not be accepted include: damaged, broken or out of date items, perishable items, items requiring refrigeration, pet food, and non-food items.

• Only overdue fines can be removed for applicable food items. Food for Fines cannot be used to pay for other fees and charges (e.g. lost or damaged items).

• All food donations will be gratefully accepted whether or not members choose to pay fines with them.