06 December 2010

Canberra Collectors

James is a regular visitor to the ACT Heritage Library, coming each school holidays for the last three years. He has just finished year 11 at Hawker College.

What started as research for a school assignment on Canberra in the 1970s, has become a collecting passion. He haunts second hand book shops, garage sales, trash and treasure markets and deceased estate sales and is amassing a considerable collection of documents and publications on the history of Canberra. He also keeps an eagle eye on ebay and other online auctions.
This week James brought in some of his recently acquired treasures to seek information about them and advice on their preservation.
Canberra Community News Vol. 1, No.1, October 1925.

The Canberra Community News was published by the Social Services Committee of the Federal Capital Commission, the body which administered Canberra and the ACT. The ACT Heritage Library has a rare full set of the 24 issues of this newspaper which ceased publication in December 1927. It is available on microfilm.
1925 Subdivision Plan of Red Hill showing the location of privately built houses.

and a drawing of suggested fencing by John Deans, submitted to the Federal Capital Commission in 1927.

We were thrilled to see these items and James will allowing us to copy them for the collections.

Over the summer, he will conduct some research, both in the ACT Heritage Library and other repositories on these items to accompany the records we will make of them. We look forward to sharing his research with you.