01 July 2011

"Books are now in your hands"

At the Hay Literary Festival in late May, an exciting new website was launched. Unbound is a "crowd-funded" online publishing platform with the tagline "books are now in your hands." It's based in the UK, but readers around the world can participate.

Unbound is a new way of connecting with writers. Most of the writers on our site will be well known, others will appear here for the first time.
What's different is that instead of waiting for them to publish their work, Unbound allows you to listen to their ideas for what they'd like to write before they even start. If you like their idea, you can pledge to support it. If we hit the target number of supporters, the author can go ahead and start writing (if the target isn't met you can either get your pledge refunded in full or switch your pledge to another Unbound project).

There are several levels of support, each with different rewards. The higher your pledge, the greater the rewards you'll receive, from your name in the back of the book to lunch with the author. Plus you can alert your friends and earn Unbound credits on the site when they support a project too.
Current authors on Unbound include Terry Jones, of Monty Python fame, and Amy Jenkins, creator of the 90s television series This Life.

To learn more, visit the Unbound website: http://www.unbound.co.uk/