04 July 2011

Truth, fiction and publishing at ACT Writers Centre

Do you write? If you are interested in working with true stories, creating science fiction, or want to know more about how to get published, take a look at these workshops being run by the ACT Writers Centre this month.

Tuesday Chat: Stranger than fiction with Elisabeth Holdsworth
1-2pm Tuesday 19 July

Fictionalising true stories is highly contentious and a minefield of ethical dilemmas. Come along and hear how one writer navigated that minefield. Elisabeth Holdsworth is an essayist, reviewer and short story writer. She won the inaugural Calibre Prize for an outstanding essay in 2007. Her novel, Those who come after (Picador, 2011), is based partly on her own life, and explores the legacy of the war that ravaged Europe and the people who survived. It is a story of resilience, emotional fall-out and an era that slowly collapsed.

Tuesday Chat: Generating ideas for science-fiction and fantasy stories with Ian McHugh
1-2pm Tuesday 26 July

Writers often get asked, 'where do you get your ideas?' But getting the ideas can be less of a problem than figuring out how to turn them into stories that work. In this talk, Ian will share some of the methods he's come across and developed himself for generating and combining ideas in ways that bring stories to life. Part of the session will involve working through a random story generation exercise as a group. The focus of the talk will be writing science fiction and fantasy stories, but the methods covered are applicable to any genre.

The inside story with Sue Whiting
5.30pm Friday 29 July

Sue Whiting's role as Publishing Manager at Walker Books, as well as eight years' experience as a children's book editor and her own experiences as a published author, enables her to speak about the publishing process from a variety of perspectives. In this talk she will provide insight into the world of publishing with tips about how to get a story off the slush pile.
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