09 September 2011

Get Reading ... The Land of Dragons and Ten Short Stories You Must Read in 2011

In September, during Get Reading! month, readers who "buy any book from the 2011 edition of 50 Books You Can’t Put Down from a participating bookseller" will receive a free book. There are two free titles to choose from: a collection of short stories for adults, and for children there is a brand new book of Deltora stories by Emily Rodda. Both books, and all the titles in the 50 Books You Can’t Put Down guide, can also be borrowed from Libraries ACT.

Here's a quick look at the children's book, as read and reviewed by an almost ten year old.

The Land of Dragons
By Emily Rodda

This book has lots of different short stories in it, from legends of ancient Deltora and newly discovered tales of Dorne. My favourite story was The Sorcerers of Dorne which was really exciting. The story's very detailed and takes place before the battle with the Shadow Lord. I recommend any Deltora fans to read it.