23 November 2011

Our Story: Shortlisted Book #5

The White Tower by Dorothy Johnston

A mild young man’s addiction to a role-playing internet game has led to his death. Disturbingly, his suicide is a bizarre echo of his chilling execution in the game; his only note a digital mirror image of his own death. But where do blame and responsibility lie, in a world where powerful men are as seductive as they are unscrupulous? Sandra Mahoney finds that the threads of truth and illusion can easily wind into a choking scarf of manipulation and deceit.

Dorothy Johnston was born in Geelong, and after studying and working in Melbourne, moved to Canberra in 1979. As a young child she learnt to occupy herself with books and believes this contributed to her love of reading and writing. Before moving to Canberra, Dorothy published poetry and short stories, and wrote what she called a ‘practice’ novel. In the 1980s she had three novels published: Tunnel Vision, Ruth, and Maralinga My Love. Other books include One for the Master, which was shortlisted in the 1998 Miles Franklin Award, and The House at Number 10.

The White Tower is one of the books shortlisted for Our Story. Voting is now open online at www.abc.net.au/yearofreading and in participating libraries and book shops. The closing date for votes is 6 January 2012.