24 November 2011

Our Story: Shortlisted Book #6

Vincenzo’s Garden by John Clanchy

A collection of short stories with a mix of characters - men, women and children - often at a crossroads in their lives. A husband in the midst of a terrifying, yet occasionally comic, wrestle for his sanity fights a losing battle to save his marriage. A girl steps out of her own portrait to recount the death of the famous artist who painted her. A doctor, driving late on a country road, runs down a woman and is forced to devise his own punishment. A man in middle age travels the length of the Australian continent to uncover a secret that has tormented him since his youth. And a fragile woman and her beautiful daughter struggle to find love and understanding after decades of conflict.

John Clanchy is the award-winning writer of novels and short stories. He lives in Canberra and has won the ACT Book of the Year Award twice – for The Hard Word in 2003 and Vincenzo’s Garden in 2006.

Vincenzo's Garden is one of the books shortlisted for Our Story. Voting is now open online at www.abc.net.au/yearofreading and in participating libraries and book shops. The closing date for votes is 6 January 2012.