08 December 2011

ACT authors: an eclectic bunch - with lots in common

What do John Clanchy, Dorothy Johnston, Jack Heath, Alan Gould, Marion Halligan, and Kel Robertson all have in common? There are at least three answers, all of them correct:
  • They’re all of them shortlisted in the National Year of Reading ‘Our Story’ competition
  • They all of them live or work in the ACT
  • And as they’re all of them local authors, the ACT Heritage Library collects their published works (and would like to receive their papers when their career is complete)

ACT Heritage Library maintains two collections of local authors’ work:
  • The Local Author Showcase, which is for a loan collection of current work (published in the last two years) and is available at the Civic Library
  • A collection of all the published work of local authors. This collection is not for loan but items from it are available for use in the Heritage Library itself, which is on the first floor of the Woden Public Library building.

If you are a local author and are wondering whether the Heritage Library collects your work, please check here – and if you’re not on the list, let us know and while you’re at it, tell us what you’ve published!
If you’re intrigued by what local authors have written lately, look here – detective fiction, children’s books, fiction for young people, local history, natural history, poetry, sociology, probably anything you’re interested in. See if you can spot another answer to the question, “what to ACT authors have in common?” We’d be interested to hear.