03 October 2013

Libraries ACT and Canberra Live: bringing library events to you via live video stream.

If you have been to an event at your local library lately, you may have noticed one or two video cameras around. Over the last few months we have been working with Canberra Digital Community Connect, the folks behind Canberra Live, to trial live video streaming selected events.
This means that if you can’t attend an event, you can still watch it live from home, work, school or anywhere else with access to a high-speed internet connection. We can’t live stream everything, but will do so with specially selected events.
What is Canberra Live?
The Canberra Live website provides an index of live streamed and video recorded events in Canberra and the surrounding region. It is the go-to place for anyone interested to find out what events are being streamed, when, and where to view them; making it easy to explore and browse recent and upcoming events that can be viewed online.
Video from the events we streamed in August and September are available to watch over at Canberra Live now. Watch video from when we live streamed:
Canberra Live aims to share public events as widely as possible, to enable everyone with an internet connection to access this information. And as Canberra is host to a great variety of ‘knowledge’ bodies — from universities, to peak bodies for organisations and the public service, to name but a few — this makes for some very interesting viewing. Canberra Live catalogues events on a wide range of topics, organisations, and locations: from educational institutions, to community events, not-for-profit groups, businesses leaders, or the ACT Government talks — any combination of the above and beyond.
The site, currently in beta, was created as part of the Canberra Digital Community Connect project, a joint initiative between the ACT and Australian Governments and is managed by the ACT Government Information Office (part of the Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate of the ACT Government).