22 November 2013

COOL Award winners announced for 2013

The young people of the ACT have made their choice, voting for their favourite Aussie books.

This year’s winning books are:

Favourite Picture Book:
Mirror by Jeannie Baker (joint winner)
The Very Cranky Bear by Nick Bland (joint winner)

Favourite Fiction for Younger Readers:
Pizza Cake by Morris Gleitzman

Favourite Fiction for Older Readers:
The 26-Storey Treehouse by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton

Favourite Fiction for Years 7-9:
After by Morris Gleitzman


When hearing of her award Jeannie Baker replied:

I’m thrilled to be receiving this award. I feel the awards voted by children are the best awards a children’s author can be given. At this time in our history, when it seems to me Australians are less generous in sharing this great country with others who are less fortunate, I am especially pleased that it is ‘Mirror’ the children have chosen: a wordless book that talks about how in the ways that really matter, (even when we may live at opposite ends of the world and there may be huge differences between us in our lifestyle, culture and environment) people are mostly very much the same.
My best,


And on hearing he had two COOL Award winning books Morris Gleitzman said:

Thank you for giving Pizza Cake and After such a huge honour. The nicest thing that can happen in an author’s life is to receive such a warm and generous response from the very people he writes his books for. It’s a precious gift of encouragement because I’m planning to write more short stories, and another novel about Felix.

Happy reading,

Morris Gleitzman


Congratulations to all the winning authors!

Thank you to all the children of the ACT who took part by voting in this year’s COOL Awards. Prize winners in the online voting competition will be announced next week.

About the COOL Awards

The COOL Awards, which have been running for more than 20 years, are the annual Children’s Choice Book Awards voted for by the young people of the Canberra region. The COOL Awards are a chance to let everyone know what books young people like to read, and to promote the enjoyment of reading Australian books.