22 February 2016

Joe Giugni, Canberra Citizen of the Year 1999

Joe Giugni, owner of Wiffens at the Fyshwick Markets, 2 May 1987
Giuseppe "Joe" Giugni migrated from Italy in 1950 and has called Canberra home since the 1960s . A small businessman and a founding member of the Fyshwick Fresh Food Markets, who has tried his hand at shoe repairs, a butcher shop, welding and the railways, is known and admired for his quiet generosity both financial and personal.
Joe was a major influence in helping to create the revamped Fyshwick Markets. He regularly donates fresh fruit and vegetables to local charities and soup kitchens and as a supporter of the Australian National Eisteddfod,  provided annual sponsorship for the Band, Orchestra and Choral.
Mr Giugni also supported the Australia Day and Multicultural Festivals, the Smith Family and the Red Cross and, as a Rotarian, was involved with many projects, such as the successful promotion of the use of reusable canvas shopping bags.
In summing up his life to 1999, the man who didn’t enjoy the fruit business too much at age 15, offers this advice: ‘set goals, work hard, pursue your ideals – the opportunities are there’.
Joe Giugni was named Canberra Citizen of the Year in 1999 for his contribution in providing donations of fruit and vegetables and financial contributions to charities and soup kitchens.
Further biographical detail about Joe Giugni is available on our website, as is a history of the Canberra Citizen of the Year Award and a full list of awardees.
The 40th consecutive Canberra Citizen of the Year will be announced by the Chief Minister during Canberra Day Celebrations in March 2016.

Image source: ACT Heritage Library image 001141, Canberra Times Collection.  Photographer Michael Porter