26 February 2016

The Canberra Community, Canberra Citizen of the Year 2003

Due to the exceptional spirit, strength and compassion shown by all Canberrans for their neighbours and fellow citizens during the bushfires of January 2003, the Canberra Citizen of the Year Award was awarded to the Canberra Community.

There were many stories to come out of the fire tragedy, and, no doubt, there were many that were never told. This Award recognises the brave and selfless acts of everyone involved in fighting and providing assistance during the fires and to all those who provided support, moral or physical.
The Canberrra Community was named Canberra Citizen of the Year in 2003 for their effort and contribution following the January bushfires.

Further detail about this award is available on our website, as is a history of the Canberra Citizen of the Year Award and a full list of awardees.

The 40th consecutive Canberra Citizen of the Year will be announced by the Chief Minister during Canberra Day Celebrations in March 2016.

Image source: "Wrap Up Safe" Libraries ACT Blog, 4 March 2011. Photographer Antoinette Buchanan