11 March 2016

Music to our ears and laughter for the soul - thank you Jon English from the people of Canberra

As we mourn the loss of Australian icon Jon English, Canberra can reflect on a number of performances he presented us with, as a singer, songwriter and actor. He has come in and out of our lives in so many performances across the Canberra region.

43 years ago today, Jon English entertained us at the Canberra Day Pop festival on March 11, 1973 He was one of 10 acts to perform including Sherbet and Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs.

Only a couple of months later he performed a midnight concert at Melville Hall with the Canberra Youth Orchestra for the Queen’s Birthday long weekend.

Most recently Jon was the NSW Regional Patron of the CAT (Canberra Area Theatre) Awards and hosted the 2015 nominations party.

In between, he made us laugh with theatre productions such as The Pirates of Penzance (1995) and A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum (1999). In 2000, he brought his self penned musical to Canberra, Buskers and Angels

He continued to delight us with his music at the Chief Minister’s Command Performance (2005), as guest artist in the Canberra Pops Orchestra: Birds and Beast (2007)s and the Rock show (2010).
In 2015, he reinvigorated the Rock Show by combining it with two other theatrical concerts Rock Show More and Rock Revolution to form Trilogy of Rock and performed it at The Queanbeyan Performing Arts Centre.

Thank you Mr English for entertaining Canberrans, young and old, for so many years.

ACT Heritage Library's performing arts ephemera collection holds many posters and programs for Jon English's performances. A list of holdings for performances at the Canberra Theatre can be found on the library's Ephemera Collection webpage.

Articles and advertisements in local news papers for Jon English concerts and performances can be located using the library’s Newspaper Holdings webpage.