07 April 2016

And it's good night from us : remembering Ronnie Corbett's shows at the Canberra Theatre

The recent sad news of Ronnie Corbett's passing, triggered memories of a career that started in the early 1950s. 

Among many film and television appearances, Ronnie Corbett, along with Ronnie Barker, graced our TV screens, for much of the 70s and 80s, with their comedy sketch show the Two Ronnies. It was during this period that Ronnie Corbett also brought to Canberra The Ronnie Corbett Show -  twice (1983 and 1985).

Little Ronnie did not disappoint. The Canberra Times report of the show in 1983 highlighted his many talents as a performer: "he has a wonderful sense of audience re-action, impeccable timing, perfect phonetic control (especially for varieties of his native Scotland) and can sing, dance tumble and play various instruments" (Hewitt, 1983, p.15). He simply captivated his audience.

It was no wonder, that in his return performance in 1985, he "received thunderous applause and one of the best laughs of the night simply by walking on stage" (Wallace, 1985, p.12). The show once again received an excellent review. Ronnie Corbett was a true entertainer.

Perhaps the best way to end this trip down memory lane is to inject a bit of the Two Ronnies and simply say:  Good night from u.

ACT Heritage Library's performing arts ephemera collection holds many posters and programs for performances at the Canberra Theatre. A list of holdings can be found on the library's  Ephemera Collection webpage.

Articles and advertisements in local news papers for Ronnie Corbett performances can be located using the ACT Heritage Library’s Newspaper Holdings webpage.

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