27 May 2016

Discovering Canberra through comics, graphic novels, newsletters and magazines

Have you ever thought about how Canberra is represented in other modes of literature besides books? Could we piece together Canberra's rich cultural and historical activities through other literature such as comics, magazines, newsletters and graphic novels?

The answer is: Absolutely!

The ACT Heritage Library holds an eclectic range of magazines and newsletters that represent local organisations and activities from the Canberra region over time. They can be found by searching the Libraries ACT CatalogueThese types of material often provide a snapshot of thoughts and attitudes within the content, whether it be City News, Canberra Cannons magazine, The Good Companion or any other title.

The Local Author Showcase at Civic Library reflects the ACT’s vibrant, active and diverse writing and publishing scene. It contains copies of recent books, graphic novels and comics by local authors and are available for borrowing. Our most recent comics in the showcase are Issue 5 of the Battle of the Blood Moon by Holly Hunt and Cthulu Williams by Tim Stiles.

Literature stays in the Local Author Showcase for two years from date of publication.  Using the Local Author Showcase webpage, you can click on an author's name to see which books are available.

The ACT Heritage Library also holds original manuscript collections. The collection contains the records of  local individuals, businesses and organisations, including the hand painted and drawn manuscript of a graphic novel titled The Invisible Planet by Julia Hart .

Hand painted and drawn illustrations of the novel 'The Invisible Planet' by Julia Hart

Discovering and learning about Canberra can be done in so many ways - what literature will you use next?

Want to learn more about our collection? Visit the ACT Heritage Library website.