25 July 2016

Visit Canberra - worth commenting about

With the new Canberra and Region Visitors Centre opening at Regatta Point this week, staff at the ACT Heritage Library thought it be a great opportunity to look back on past tourist experiences in this city.

Before social media comments, online forums and digital surveys, visitors' comments books were the easiest way to record how visitors felt about their trip to Canberra.
Visitors' Comments Books
Visitors' Comments Books
The ACT Heritage Library has two comments books covering 1987 to 1991. They were originally held at the former Canberra Visitors Centre on Northboune Avenue, where visitors could stop by, get information about what to see and do and write what was on their mind. The contents offer a plethora of observations about Canberra. While many tourists had only positive things to write, some less-than-happy comments may still ring true for people today.

Sample of Comments from the Visitors' Comments Book 08/09/1987 – 30/10/1991

Comments from the Visitors' Comments Book 08/09/1987 – 30/10/1991
Samples of Comments from the Visitors' Comments Books
We will leave it up to you to decide which, if any, reflect your own experience of Canberra. If you want to know more about the comments books, you can visit our Manuscripts Collection .